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New Digital Pharma

Expert insights to reinvent HCP engagement and the new Pharma digital health solutions. Do you also think that strategies of just bits and bytes are rarely enough for the growth of Pharma within this digital world? Medical affairs today are not just about reimagining medicine but about wisely incorporating digital and data.

Tailor-made consultancy for life sciences and Pharma companies willing to reimagine their operations into digital. We work to define the offering of digital services to achieve effective HCP engagement, and digital therapeutics to boost adherence of patients within the complex environment of the life sciences and medicine industries.

Digital health provocateurs

We love the quest for recognizing business opportunities together and the boost of performance in digital health and digital therapeutics. We help you increase the strengthening of the therapeutic patient-physician alliance.

We deliver singular immersions into the digital health and Pharma markets to help start-ups, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs challenging the life sciences horizon.

  • Product definition
  • Market approach
  • Technology advisory
  • Digital transformation
  • Tools and optimization
  • Business plan

Having enjoyed the taste of success and also the taste of failure, we are consultants with + 15,000 hours of real practice developing digital strategies and new products in the health and Pharma markets.

Life science data visualization and deep analytics

Understanding and managing raw data is not an easy task, but we are very good with numbers :-) We love data visualization, design of deep analytics and machine learning models.

We pioneer the implementation of awesome visualization apps for big data management helping healthcare professionals understand and manage their raw data. We are experts in deep data analytics and helping pharmaceutical and life science companies and institutions to infer new insights from data much beyond traditional studies.

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